Craig Akin


Worldwide Overdubs

I am occasionally asked by musicians to record bass onto their existing projects. Now I can proudly say I have that capability at home. With the use of Logic Pro 9, Apogee Duet interface, SansAmp preamp, and a couple condenser mics I can overdub upright bass, 4 or 5 string Fender electric, Fender fretless Jazz, or vintage hollow body Harmony bass. 

The process is simple.  First send me an email with details about your project so I can make sure I'm a good match.  Then once we agree on a time frame and cost we'll commence. You send me wav files and I record and bounce back the wav file(s) of my part for your approval or edits. I'll record the part until you are happy with it. So wait no longer, send me an email and let's make some music! 


"Craig was fantastic to work with. I record mainly southern gospel, which is not the most well known genre out there, but he was able to lay down a perfect bass line for the feel of the song. He's very flexible in his approach."

James Tompkins, Producer/Engineer
Byrdstown, TN

 "I was looking for an upright bass player with a big sound and a good feel for a funk groove, not just another electric player who does a bit of upright on the side. Craig fit the bill perfectly and had no problem wrestling some of my odder bass lines into shape. He was happy to take feedback and make adjustments, too - a great remote recording experience."

Pete Newman, clarinetist/saxophonist/composer
Cambridge, U.K.

"I absolutely love Craig's contribution to my latest record! Craig's not only a fantastic bass player, he's easy-going, able to take directions and pays attention to details. All qualities I highly appreciate as an artist and producer."

Thomas Feurer, Intended Immigration
New York

"Craig did an excellent fob recording a bass line for our project. He kept in constant touch all through the process to make sure we were happy with the results. He has an ear of what you need. A true pro. On top of that he's super easy to work with."

Gregory Gazaryan, Musician/Songwriter