"When Craig comes into the studio I already know the bottom of the mix is going to kill.  His feeling and musicianship are unmatched in my book"


Jon Castelli, The Hit Lab

Los Angeles



Craig Akin is an in-demand upright and electric bassist in New York City.  He has played and recorded with countless musicians of many different styles.  From jazz to pop, and folk to rock, Craig is comfortable and creative, and can deliver the goods like any veteran on his instrument.  He has performed well over 4,000 gigs and has now added home recording to his arsenal.  


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Latest Video

Bass Buggie

Craig relies on the RC Williams Bass Buggie to transport his upright bass around NYC.   Click on the buggie to read more and order yours. 


December 2015

This past October I had a busy month with Roosevelt Dime. Between road gigs in PA, NY, and CT we managed to record four new songs and a new video. The new songs will be used immediately to pitch to presenters and promoters but may be included on the next RD cd. Time will tell but we’re excited how they came out. The new video is a song called “Red Shoes” that our very own Andrew Green wrote. It was shot at Cafe Nine in New Haven and can be seen here. Check it out!

Last month we had shows in CT, MA, VT, and NY. And in between all this madness we managed to fit in a couple of photo shoots. These pics will provide us with some new social media content as well as print media. 

Roosevelt Dime also attended the Northeast Association of Campus Activities. Colleges have many events throughout the year needing entertainment and we felt perfect for such a conference. Crossing our fingers some good gigs come out of it. 

This month besides shows in NY, ME, and CT we are preparing for a tour of California in February. We’ll have about nine shows around northern and central CA. 

Also this month we’re arranging a new cover tune to pitch to radio and youtube. Ever heard of “American Girl” by and artist named Tom Petty?? Look for it early next year. 

Next month we’ll start off the year with shows in DC, MD, NY, NJ, CT, ME, and VT. No rest for the wicked.

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