"When Craig comes into the studio I already know the bottom of the mix is going to kill.  His feeling and musicianship are unmatched in my book"


Jon Castelli, The Hit Lab

Los Angeles



Craig Akin is an in-demand upright and electric bassist in New York City.  He has played and recorded with countless musicians of many different styles.  From jazz to pop, and folk to rock, Craig is comfortable and creative, and can deliver the goods like any veteran on his instrument.  He has performed well over 4,000 gigs and has now added home recording to his arsenal.  


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October 2014

Last months highlights include a great tour down south to DC and VA with Roosevelt Dime. We played two shows in DC at Gypsy Sally’s and the Adams Morgan Day fest and two shows in VA at the Bon Cafe and Sugarland Run Community Center, plus a live performance on WTJU radio. At Gypsy Sally’s in DC we opened for The Hackensaw Boys which was a great time in a packed house. Those guys played two and a half hours without stopping. 

Also last month I recorded overdubs for my piano playing, songwriting friend Marci Geller. It was my first time recording with her and was a great time. Look for that cd early next year.  And while on overdubs, this month I’ll record upright bass on a song for English songwriter Rhoda Morgan. I’m not sure exactly what this is for but she did say an art project. 

This month I can hardly wait to play in NYC at SubCulture with Josh Kwassman and Brother Spirit. This modern, instrumental ensemble has been rehearsing hard for this show at a beautiful new venue in Manhattan. I’ll be on electric bass for this band. This group will also be releasing a new record next year. 

Now for something entirely different, I have a new logo. You can see it to your upper left. I’m very excited about it and would like to send out a huge thanks for Ellis Paul, Tony Montalbano, and Laurie MacAllister for making it happen. The logo was my creation, Ellis drew it with his amazing artistry, Tony brought it to life with his post-production skills, and Laurie found the cool ‘smythe’ font. Right now I’m not exactly sure how I’ll be using the logo. Let me know if you have any suggestions, like making oven mitts or something. For right now I have stickers available. 







September, 2014 

The past couple months have been busy with many highlights. Too many to name all of them but I’ll start with lots of great gigs with Roosevelt Dime.  We’ve played festivals, concerts, weddings, and bars all over the northeast including MA, DC, PA, CT, NY, ME, VT, VA, NH.  And there’s lots more to come as we’re in the middle of rebranding and honing in our style called mardi-grass, which is bridging the gap between afro-carribean and appalachian string music.  We’ve got one official video about to be released and a second will soon be recorded. We also have many new group pics taken around neighborhoods of Brooklyn. Some can be seen here

Some other shows I’ve been fortunate to take part include Amy Black at Hill Country NYC, Phil Minnisale at Grounds and Sounds, Jesse Terry at the Kate Theater and Rockwood Music Hall, Jeneen Terrana at Gantry Park, Kath Buckell and Livingston Taylor at the Chautauqua Amphitheater. 

Coming up this month I look forward to a tour in the south with Roosevelt Dime. Two dates in Washington, DC; plus Charlottesville and Sterling, VA. As well as gigs in Brooklyn and the Bronx. 

Also this month will be intense rehearsals on upright bass with Josh Kwassman and Brother Spirit. This modern instrumental ensemble is getting ready for a big concert next month in Manhattan at Subculture. We’ll be playing all new music from a recording to be released next year.  

On a different topic, I’m working on finishing up my new and first logo. With the help of artistry from Ellis Paul, we’re getting closer to something cool and unique for Slapfiddle, my alter ego. And if you guessed there would be an upright bass involved you are correct.  

Thanks for reading,