"When Craig comes into the studio I already know the bottom of the mix is going to kill.  His feeling and musicianship are unmatched in my book"

Jon Castelli, The Hit Lab

Los Angeles


Craig Akin is an in-demand upright and electric bassist in New York City.  He has played and recorded with countless musicians of many different styles.  From jazz to pop, and folk to rock, Craig is comfortable and creative, and can deliver the goods like any veteran on his instrument.  He has performed well over 3,500 gigs and has now added home recording to his arsenal.  

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April 2014

Hello and thanks for stopping by!

This months highlights include my first recording experience with my friends Moors and McCumber to be done in Minnesota. They are a talented Americana duo based in Colorado and Wisconsin. I look forward to playing some upright bass on their creative, harmony driven songs.  

Speaking of recording, this month will be a completely different project for me.  I was contacted through this website to play upright bass for the documentary of a family reunion. I will take part in a 15 piece orchestra and record the music to accompany the movie. The performance will also be videotaped and spliced in with the documentary, which has already been made. The music, players, and production are all very high level.  

Also recording this month is my songwriter friend Meg Braun. She has assembled a cast of players to add some Americana flavor to her songs. We will record with the great engineer Mark Dann at his downtown Manhattan studio. 

I am happy to announce this month is the release of the new Red Molly record called The Red Album. I was honored to play upright and electric bass for their 10th anniversary celebration.  The record can be downloaded from here

Next month the big news for me will be joining the great old school, funky, soul, Americana band Roosevelt Dime. I will join on as a regular member and am very excited about it. They are sounding great and will be doing good things in the near future so watch out for that name. 





March 2014

Last months highlight was the Folk Alliance International conference held in Kansas City. There I played upright bass with Brad Cole, Erin Sax, and my new friends Moors & McCumber, and Dan Navarro. It was three long days and nights of talking, listening, and playing music. Over two thousand fans, promoters, songwriters, presenters, and musicians gathered for the largest annual event for acoustic roots music.  After the conference I spent two great night exploring my old stomping grounds of KC, including two new jazz venues-The Green Lady Lounge and the Broadway Jazz Club. I’m glad to know the scene is still prospering.

This month I look forward to playing shows on electric and upright bass with Jesse Terry, The DesBerardos, Jammin Diva’s, Red Molly, Boxcar Lillies, among others. Stop by my calendar page for more details. 

For April I look forward to three studio days of recording the follow up full length record of Brooklyn based songwriter Meg Braun. She has assembled a cast of players to put an Americana spin on her latest songs. 

Thanks for spending a little of your time on my site.