"When Craig comes into the studio I already know the bottom of the mix is going to kill.  His feeling and musicianship are unmatched in my book"


Jon Castelli, The Hit Lab

Los Angeles



Craig Akin is an in-demand upright and electric bassist in New York City.  He has played and recorded with countless musicians of many different styles.  From jazz to pop, and folk to rock, Craig is comfortable and creative, and can deliver the goods like any veteran on his instrument.  He has performed well over 4,000 gigs and has now added home recording to his arsenal.  


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Craig relies on the RC Williams Bass Buggie to transport his upright bass around NYC.   Click on the buggie to read more and order yours. 


February 2015

Last month I enjoyed recording upright bass on the swinging new jazz for kids cd by Sarah Gardner. We spent a full day recording in MA with great Boston area musicians. This record is the sequel to her first recording of jazz for kids which is available for purchase here. Look for the new one in the spring.

Also last month was two successful tours by Roosevelt Dime. We had a great time and played to packed houses in NYC, DC, VA, MA, VT, and NY.

This month I look forward to recording electric and upright bass on the new Alastair Ottesen record, along with friends and great players Paul Orbell on guitar and Joel Arnow playing drums. Alastair writes amazing, thoughtful, introspective songs. I suggest having a listen here.

A highlight this month is a show at Club Passim in Cambridge, MA on the 11th. I’ll be backing up slide guitars players including Jim Henry, Cliff Eberhardt, Brooks Williams, and Abbie Gardner. That’s a lot of strings! Here's more info. 

February also means the annual folk alliance conference in Kansas City. There I’ll be running around and playing late night showcases with Roosevelt Dime, Dan Navarro, and Brad Cole. The conference consists of a couple thousand musicians, promoters, presenters, and fans all hanging out, networking, and performing. It’s always a great time with limited sleep.

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